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This article is about the Job. For other uses, see Brothel (disambiguation).
This is one of the Jobs in the game. The described effects may differ from those shown in your game depending on various factors, such as your Background, House, and Skills.

Available: Anytime

Time Taken: 2 hours

Pay: 10 * ((Charisma + Constitution) / 10) + Blowjobs / 30 + Fucking / 5 + Intelligence / 5

  • Your slave will refuse to do this if her Obedience does not meet the requirement.
  • If Nymphomania > 94, Sensibility, Joy and Love changes are +1 instead of -2. This bonus also applies if the pay bonuses below collectively give greater than 100% pay.
  • For Catgirls, this job is renamed to Cathouse.
  • If living in the Brothel (House), the difficulty for Brothel (Job) is decreased by 5.

Increase Decrease
  • Many different factors affect how much the slave is paid.
Condition Pay
Living in the Brothel 110%
Wearing any type of Anal Plug 105%
Wearing Lingerie 105%
Day 75%
Lesbian slave 75%