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From: The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

Duration: 63 days

Created by: Keahi19 and abisal
Since Version: 3.3
Male.pngEasy Mode

Kyon is one of the Slaves that you can train in the game. A boy who sold himself into slavery to help his little sister. His Blood Type is A.

Training Requirement: None

Special Statistics: Apathy

Special Actions: None

Other Specials: None

  • Changes to his Conversation and Temperament are increased by 10%.
    • Changes to all his other stats, except Love and Tiredness will be increased or decreased according to his Apathy.
      • If his Apathy <= 25, they are increased by 10%.
      • If his Apathy > 50, they are decreased by 10%.
  • Visiting Astrid three times will permanently transform him into Kyonko (a girl).

Special Trainings
Catgirl Requires Catslave Trainer 1
Cow Girl Yes.png
Fairy Yes.png
Lesbian Slave Requires Lesbian Trainer 1
Ponygirl Requires Ponygirl Trainer 1



If you get the Bought Back Ending or accepted his Love confession, then he will be available as an assistant, with special effects, when you train other slaves. Like other slave assistants, he costs nothing to become your assistant.

Special Endings

These are unique endings for this slave, in addition to the General Endings and Additional Endings.

Ending Requirement
Kyon's Sister
  • Randomly meet Kyon's sister twice while walking in the Slums. At the second encounter, Kyon will ask you permission to help his sister. Accept to help.
  • Attend Court and you’ll meet a Mysterious Woman. She’ll tell you about the Lake.
  • While personally supervising a walk at the Lake with Kyon, you'll get an event when you notice that Kyon look sad and that you remember the words from the Mysterious Woman at the Court. Choose the first option, so that her sister can accompany you. An Event will follow with Maid Sumi. After that, supervise again at the Lake, and you’ll get another event involving Kyon, his sister and Sumi.
  • After that, when his training end, you’ll get this ending.
  • Take note that Kyon CANNOT become Kyonko (a girl) or a dickgirl.
Kyonko's Sister
  • Same as above with the following exceptions:
  • Kyon MUST become Kyonko, by visiting Astrid three times.
  • Visit Astrid three times to permanently transform him into a girl (Kyonko).
  • Sexuality >= 75
Yaoi Boy
  • Transform Kyon into Kyonko
  • Visit Astrid's hut 2 times
  • Go to forest
  • At Night rest a couple of times (do not just do "do the planning" with nothing it has to be rest)
  • Visit Astrid
  • Pick "Maybe she's better like this"