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This is a set of statistics for both slaves and slavers. The measurements of chest, waist, hips, and clit/cock size are given in centimeters, but the hover text will display them in inches. If the slave or Slave Maker changes gender, clit/cock size will change in proportionate size.

Slave Maker increases:

  • During the Stalked by Tentacles quest, at the point you are trying to find Keawe's house, you can encounter tentacles. If you are attacked a dialogue option will appear. Imagining a man will increase the size of your breasts, conversely imagining a woman will increase the size of your cock.
  • Also during the Stalked by Tentacles quest, there is a point where you will encounter a Fae in the sleazy bar. She can use her nymph power on you to change you into a man, a woman, or a hemaphrodite. Choosing the option to stay as you are will increase your breast & cock size if you're a hemaphrodite

Bust size increases:

  • The experimental Uninhibitory Drug may have this effect.
  • A catslave on the beach, only if currently in catslave training.
  • Meigura's wish for Beauty.
  • The first visit with Count Gossem.
  • A second visit with Count Gossem, only available once per campaign. Switching to Sandbox mode after getting it in campaign will not make it available again.
  • After the second BE event with the Count, escape bandits in the Forest by going Right, drink the water then eat the fruit and then rest. Breasts expand after returning home.
  • Milking temporarily increases bust size as long as it's sustained regularly, leaves a minor increase after drug wears off.
  • Eating the gem after rescuing fairies from the Farm can have this effect.
  • Possible effect of assistant Aeris "Milk Her" nighttime action (possibly once per campaign.)

Slave specific:

Clit/cock size increases:

Slave specific:

  • Aeris repeated use of Nymph Magic in daytime rests, or during Fuck Her will gradually increase Slave Maker's cock size in a morning event. During Tits-Fuck, there's a random chance that leaked milk will also spread Nymph Magic on the cock, and if penis size is proportionately smaller than Aeris' breasts, she will use magic to increase it. During a Blowjob, there's a random chance that Aeris' cock will grow longer.

As an assistant Aeris can increase the size of a slaves cock that is being milked as a one time event during the milking sessions.