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|start special stat value  = 0
|start special stat value  = 0
|Gold                      = 1000
|Gold                      = 1000
|Base Obedience XXX        = 31
|Base Obedience XXX        = 36
|Base Obedience Exhib      = 21
|Base Obedience Exhib      = 26
|Base Obedience Sleazy Bar = 31
|Base Obedience Sleazy Bar = 36
|Base Obedience Brothel    = 41
|Base Obedience Brothel    = 46
|Base Obedience XXX Contest= 31
|Base Obedience XXX Contest= 36
|Base Obedience Touch      = 5
|Base Obedience Touch      = 6
|Base Obedience Lick      = 5
|Base Obedience Lick      = 6
|Base Obedience Fuck      = 15
|Base Obedience Fuck      = 21
|Base Obedience Blowjob    = 5
|Base Obedience Blowjob    = 11
|Base Obedience Tits-Fuck  = 5
|Base Obedience Tits-Fuck  = 11
|Base Obedience Anal      = 25
|Base Obedience Anal      = 31
|Base Obedience Masturbate = 0
|Base Obedience Masturbate = 0
|Base Obedience Dildo      = 6
|Base Obedience Dildo      = 11
|Base Obedience Plug      = 25
|Base Obedience Plug      = 31
|Base Obedience Lesbian    = 25
|Base Obedience Lesbian    = 31
|Base Obedience Bondage    = 60
|Base Obedience Bondage    = 66
|Base Obedience Naked      = 0
|Base Obedience Naked      = 51
|Base Obedience Master    = 95
|Base Obedience Master    = 96
|Base Obedience Gang-Bang  = 50
|Base Obedience Gang-Bang  = 51
|Base Obedience Lend      = 30
|Base Obedience Lend      = 30
|Base Obedience Pony      = 60
|Base Obedience Pony      = 66
|Base Obedience Spank      = 50
|Base Obedience Spank      = 26
|Base Obedience Threesome  = 30
|Base Obedience Threesome  = 41
|Base Obedience Kiss      = 0
|Base Obedience Kiss      = 0
|Base Obedience Striptease = 21
|Base Obedience Striptease = 21

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From: Pokémon

Duration: 73 days

Created by: abisal
Since Version: 3.2
Female.pngEasy Mode

Musashi is one of the Slaves that you can train in the game. An amoral and temperamental woman from a distant land. You’ll have to train her for an organization called A.T.E.A.M. It’s specialized in the capture of ‘Monsters’. Her Blood Type is B.

Training Requirement: None

Special Statistics: Monster Hunting

Special Actions: None

Other Specials: None

  • Musashi starts with Make her Masturbate at level 3 and Blowjob, Fuck Her, Strip Tease at level 1.
  • Every morning, there is a (90 - Obedience)% chance she won't come out of her room. This always happens if she has Tiredness 50 or higher. If she does, there is a (50 - Morality - Obedience)% chance that she is trying to run away, unless you live in the Abandoned Keep.
    • Telling her to wake up gives +0.5 Love and Obedience if she didn't run away.
    • Kissing her gives +2 Love and +1 Lust, Obedience, and Sensibility if her Obedience >= 20, or -0.5 Obedience and -1 Love if it isn't, if she didn't run away.
    • Taking her sheets gives +5 Love, +0.5 Obedience, and -1 Monster Hunting if she didn't run away.
    • Letting her sleep takes one hour and gives +1 Joy and Love, -2 Obedience, and -20 Tiredness, if she didn't run away.
    • Telling your assistant to look for her stops her from running away and gives +2 Obedience if she tried.
    • If you bought the Fairy Call from the A.T.E.A.M. Base, you can use it. It will do nothing if she ran away or hasn't completed transforming into a fairy. Otherwise, it gives +25 Lust and, if she has Lust >= 75, it takes one hour and gives +5 Nymphomania.
      • The Howling Call works similarly, but requires her to have completed Catgirl training instead.
  • Her owner will only test her Blowjobs, Fucking, or Monster Hunting. Her dresses will automatically upgrade if the Slave Maker is a member of the Guild and her owner awarded at least 20 GP plus 20 more for every other dress she has been given.
  • When Cooking, she will make a jelly doughnut. There is a (50 - Morality - Obedience)% that it is poisoned.
    • Eating it yourself gives the slave maker -2 Tiredness plus an additional -2 for every 20 points of Cooking up to 80. At 80 Cooking or above, it gives only -5 Tiredness. If it's poisoned, she runs away instead.
    • Letting her eat it gives -0.5 Tiredness plus an additional -0.5 per 20 points of Cooking, to a maximum of -2.5. If it was poisoned, she'll instead receive +5 Obedience and -5 Tiredness.
    • Storing it for later allows you to use it to bait monsters in the Forest. It will go bad and become useless the next morning.
  • When Cleaning, there is a 40% chance she will act oddly. If so, there is a (50 - Morality - Obedience)% chance she is trying to escape.
  • If she is not Naked, there is a 25% chance it will rain when she does Fitness, giving an extra +0.5 Charisma and Joy and -0.5 Tiredness.
  • Whenever she refuses an action, if her Obedience was less than 15 points lower than that act's Obedience requirement (or less than 25 points if Love >= 50) she will offer to go on a date. Refusing does nothing. Accepting costs 75 of the slave maker's gold, gives +2 Joy, Love, and Temperament; +1 Lust and Sensibility; and -1 Obedience and Refinement, and sets that act's Obedience requirement to 0. After doing it once, its requirement will reset to normal and increase by about 5 points.
  • You can Lend Her to an A.T.E.A.M. Member. To Lend Her during the day, you must Take a Walk to the A.T.E.A.M. Base at night, go to the lounge, and talk to the pink haired girl. To Lend Her at night, you must go to the lounge during the day and talk to the green haired girl.
  • She can meet Nurse Joy at the Docks and unlock the A.T.E.A.M. Base location.
  • You, the Slave Maker, can choose her name at the beginning of her training by typing it into the speech bubble. (Her name by default is Musashi.)
    • Renaming her Cora, Haro, Latala, Narry, Sana, or Soma and keeping her after her training will replicate, but not stack with, the effects of owning that minor slave (except Narry's morning events).

Dress Plain

Name Effects Price / Requirement
Rocket Grunt Uniform Musashi Dress 1.jpg You received it after one of the Owner's Tests if he/she is satisfied with the results, for 0 GP
Rocket Trooper Uniform Musashi Dress 2.jpg You received it after one of the Owner's Tests if he/she is satisfied with the results, for 0 GP
Rocket Executive Uniform Musashi Dress 3.jpg You received it after one of the Owner's Tests if he/she is satisfied with the results, for 0 GP
High Executive Uniform Musashi Dress 4.jpg You received it after one of the Owner's Tests if he/she is satisfied with the results, for 0 GP
Boss's Personal Musashi Dress 5.jpg You received it after one of the Owner's Tests if he/she is satisfied with the results, for 0 GP
Doronjo Team Uniform Musashi Dress 6.jpg 3000 GP at the Tailor or received after one of the Owner's Tests if he/she is satisfied with the results, for 0 GP
Special Trainings
Catgirl Requires Catslave Trainer 1
Cow Girl Yes.png
Fairy Yes.png
Lesbian Slave Requires Lesbian Trainer 1
Ponygirl Requires Ponygirl Trainer 1



If you get the Bought Back Ending or accept her Love confession, then she will be available as an assistant, with special effects, when you train other slaves. Like other slave assistants, she costs nothing to become your assistant.

  • She has no effects as an assistant.

Special Endings

Musashi does not have any unique endings. She can only get General Endings and Additional Endings.