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This is one of the Slave Maker Actions in the game. The described effects may differ from those shown in your game depending on various factors, such as your Background, House, and Skills. If you have your assistant supervise your slave's training, then you can perform this action if there is enough time.

Available: Daytime

Time Taken: 2 hours  

This action is only available to Female and Hermaphrodite Slave Makers.


To unlock the Red Lily, the Slave Maker must first be invited.

  • Supervise three walks to the Palace.
  • On the second walk, agree to take a whiff of the pheromones.
  • On the third walk, indulge your arousal
  • Afterwards, walk to the Slums and agree to sign the contract.
  • The Red Lily then becomes available as a Slave Maker Action the next day. (This action is not available in some new versions. Whether it's a bug or a nerf is not clear.)

The Slave Maker can continue to visit the Palace to entertain at the stalls.

Main Bar Area


If Slave Makers choose to play Blackjack, they can bet using the slave's Gold. Bets can be waged in increments of 50G, 100G, 500G, and 1000G. Whoever has the higher score without exceeding 21 wins. The dealer will always hit until she has won, busted or tied.

If the Slave Maker's debt exceeds 6000G, they will be forced into slavery by the dealer. If you choose the option to run you will fight the guard at the door. If she hits you, you will immediately lose, but if you win the fight she has to fulfill your contract and "a later version" will offer more options at the Red Lily. This does not end the game.


At the Bar, the Slave Maker can choose to order a drink.

  • Konjo Nashi - 25G - Decreases Dominance by 3
  • Kutabare - 50G - Mildly intoxicates the drinker
  • Tsuyoi ishi - 125G - Increases Dominance by 2
  • After drinking Kutabare 4 times, the Slave Maker will be drugged and kidnapped to be raped in public.

The Slave Maker can also socialize at the bar, increasing Conversation. If you drink 1-3 Kutabare then socialize at the bar you will have a meeting event where a girl will ask you to meet her in a closet, different events happen depending on how drunk you are.

This is only available at the first socialize attempt.

The Black Spot[edit]

The Red Lily action uses a map navigation, similar to the ones used for the maze under the Ruins. In it there are, visible, the entrance, the bar and a smaller employees' room that can be accessed but is occupied by a member of the Red Lily staff that will frown upon the intrusion. These rooms leave, however, a nondescript black spot.

This small room should be accessible through the employees' room - per the SlaveMaker3 maps logic - in future revisions of the Red Lily.