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Ryo Akizuki
From: The Idolmaster

Duration: 50 days

Created by: abisal
Since Version: 3.2.05

Ryo Akizuki is one of the Slaves that you can train in the game. A boy who was sold into slavery as a girl. His Owner was not satisfied with 'her' because she is disobedient, especially with sexual activities. He entrust her to you so that she become more obedient.

Training Requirement: None

Special Statistics: None

Special Actions: None

Other Specials: None

  • Ryo is a male slave disguised as a female. As long as the Slave Maker is not aware of his 'true self', most sex acts will be unavailable. (Obedience capped to 300.) Ryo will reveal himself during the 'Trap' Event, if his Obedience is 15+.
  • Changes to his Cooking and Cleaning are increased by 50%.
  • Changes to his Temperament are decreased by 50%.
  • The Discuss Option "Congratulate" allows you to choose one of 5 aspects to congratulate. Choosing one will lead to different stat bonus or penalties.
  • The Discuss Option "Scold" offers a similar menu.
  • The pictures of the Discuss Option change according to Ryo's Joy and Temperament.
  • Supervising a Walk to the Palace after the reveal Event can lead to a meeting with the Refinement Instructor, who'll propose changing Ryo's name to Ryoko.
  • Supervising a Walk to the Town Center while wearing a Blank T-Shirt after the Trap Event can result in an encounter with a character called "Girl in a Blue Dress". She will offer to stamp a 5 letter word of your choice on Ryo's blank shirt.
  • Candy bought from Yumeko can be consumed when Ryo gets tired, after a Job, Chore or Walk.
  • A man will sometimes appear when working in the Onsen and ask to kiss Ryo.
  • After you have won a Dance Contest, if you meet Yumeko at the Town enter during the fifth or sixth day of the week. She'll ask you to take Ryo for a Visit to her Tent sometime. She'll be available for Visit and Lend actions afterwards.

Dress Plain

Name Effects Price / Requirement

Blank Shirt Ryo Blank Shirt.png

Ryo Black Dress.png
100 GP
Spring Swimsuit Ryo Casual Dress.png 150 GP
Warrior's Pate Ryo Fishnet.png 300 GP
Callow Catboy Ryo Red Bikini.png 500 GP
Fresh Walk Ryo Leather Dress.png 700 GP
Spring Swordsman Ryo Topless.png 4000 GP
Special Trainings
Catgirl ?
Cow Girl ?
Fairy ?
Lesbian Slave ?
Ponygirl ?


Ryo Assistant.jpg

If you get the Bought Back Ending or accepted his Love confession, then he will be available as an assistant, with special effects, when you train other slaves. Like other slave assistants, he costs nothing to become your assistant.

  • An Idol

Special Endings

These are unique endings for this slave, in addition to the General Endings and Additional Endings.

Ending Requirement
New Owner Yumeko
  • To get this Ending, Ryo must be in a good relationship with Yumeko and she must become his New Owner.
  • To do that, Clear the ‘Trap’ Event.
  • Then buy a lot of candy from Yumeko in the Town Center.
  • Have Ryo train in Dancing, and make him win the First Place in the dance contest.
  • After that, you'll get an event when Ryo see her in the Town Center. Choose the option ‘’Call her by her name’’ to talk with her.
  • You can now Visit her at Night.
  • Visit her several times.
  • When Ryo's Owner come to test 'her' skills, choose ‘’Oh yes, Ryo has a secret that he need to tell you...’’, ‘’Maybe you should consider sell him’’ and ‘’Yes, I know a girl who have shown great interest on Ryo’’.
  • Yumeko will buy him and you’ll get the Ending at the end of his training.
  • When Ryo's Owner come to test 'her' skills, choose the following options:
    • ‘’Oh yes, Ryo has been behaving really, really bad.‘’
    • And ‘’No, please take him.‘’
  • If the 'Trap' Event is cleared, you can choose:
    • ‘’Oh yes, Ryo has a secret that he need to tell you...‘’
    • And ‘’You should give Ryo to the authorities...‘’.
  • Take note that you WON'T get this Ending if, during the 'Trap' Event, you tell the Owner about Ryo’s Lie. (You will get one of the General Endings instead.)