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This is one of the Slave statistics in the game, which affect most aspects of the game, such as events, Contests, etc. Below, we've listed the actions that will raise or lower this stat to help you plan out your actions. This is a semi-hidden statistic that represents your slave's sexual orientation. It is represented as a spectrum from heterosexuality at 100 through bisexuality to lesbian at 0, with transitions indicated by indefinite shifts of color intensity.

Engaging in sex with partners too far from their orientation will different, usually negative, stat changes. There are two different stages of this effect.

Slaves are uncomfortable having sex with men when 25 <= sexuality < 40 or with women when 60 < sexuality < 75.

Slaves are reluctant to have sex with men when sexuality < 25 or with women when sexuality > 75.

Slaves are never uncomfortable or reluctant if they you have accepted their love confession and the slave maker is the only other participant in the act.

Sexuality shifts dependent on the gender(s) involved in their sexual activities. Some random encounters, and Visits with Tena also shift Sexuality.

Increase Decrease