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Going to the shop is one of the actions in the game. The shop, run by Rinno, is where you can buy various items. Some of them can be used/equipped from the Equipment menu.

Available: 8 AM to 6 PM

Time Taken: 1 hour

Items for Sale
Item Description or Effects Price
Uninhibitory Drug
  • Obedience + 5
  • Doesn't work if used too often
    • Successful 4 times, then gives -20 Obedience on subsequent uses
"Demonic" Uninhibitory Drug
  • Offered by Rinno on third purchase of Uninhibitory Drug
  • Obedience + 5
  • Randomly does one: increases bust size, increases clit size, or gives the slave a forked tail and the "Half-Demon" Special Training on completion, and can now start the Seduction quest
  • Second use causes "Demon's Slave" Bad Ending
Energy Drink 125
Soothing Draft 550
Aphrodisiac 60
Lust Draft 150


60 per point of Refinement



30 per point of Joy

Science Book See Science Book 500
Poetry Book See Poetry Book 800
Ladies Guide See Ladies Guide 800
Historical Tales See Historical Tales 550
Masculine Love 1 See Masculine Love 1 100
  • Enables Dildo
  • Not available once you have it
Bondage Gear
  • Enables Bondage
  • Not available once you have it
Anal Plug
  • Enables Anal Plug
  • Not available once you have it