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Ending Requirement
Kidou Healer

This Ending requirements will surely change in the future but for now...:

  • Unohana Retsu has to heal a man after an Morning Event where his Worried Wife come to the Slave Maker's home to ask for her help.
  • To go the Worried Wife's House, use the Take a Walk option.
  • There are two ways to heal the man:
    • Attacking the problem is more likely to work, and has a greater effect each time the higher Healing Kidou is. Using the option 'Use Kidou Blast' is the best, but only appears if Healing Kidou > 50. The other options, ‘Use Normal Burst’ and ‘Use Pinpoint Burst’ can also work.
    • Or by having Intelligence > 35 and Blowjobs > 25 and by using the option ‘‘Relieve pressure’’, which is more powerful the higher Blowjobs is.
  • Either way, each attempt raises Tiredness. Reaching Tiredness 60 makes you lose. Win and you'll get this Ending.
  • If you get this ending, Unohana Retsu can't become your Assistant.